Inside the London Glossier pop-up store

This evening, I attended a preview for the Glossier London pop-up store, which opens officially tomorrow. I thought I’d share my photos, thoughts and first impressions here ahead of the week long pop-up…

First, let me disclose that I didn’t get a full look in every room due to the amount of people that were at the event. Few press previews are so popular they result in queuing outside the venue, but this one did just that. Glossier always draws in a crowd no matter what it’s doing next; it’s just such an exciting brand right now. When I first walked into the show room, I was greeted by a level of buzz only Glossier fans are familiar with – and it was definitely worth a look in, that’s for sure.

So onto the pop-up itself: you enter via a doorway in a seemingly unassuming venue and immediately come to a spiral staircase, which tonight was decorated with a red carpet and hand rail covered in beautiful Gypsophila floral arrangements. Up the stairs is the main room where the makeup is on display, exactly the way it is in the New York showroom. Everything is presented in a sleek, understated design and products stand on shiny white tables.

Next door is the fragrance room, reminiscent of the Glossier You red show room currently housed in New York… no hands reaching out from walls to spray your wrist, though! It’s pretty compact and lined with mirrors with lines that read ‘You smell good’. It’s all decorated in red with dark mood lighting.

Downstairs, from what I could see, is where the skincare and body bits are shown off. I didn’t get much of a view of this room, but guessing it’s pretty similar to what’s upstairs. Everywhere, there are Byredo Burning Rose candles flickering in the background while gorgeous pink blooms take up any spare table space throughout.

Definitely try and pop by the show room if you want to get a feel for the Glossier shopping experience. There’s enough cool vibes and millennial pink to go around! The Glossier pop-up will be open from November 15 to 22; weekdays from 11am to 8pm, Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 12 to 6pm at 32 Portland Place, W1.

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